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Welcome to our Galveston Bay Fishing Reports or Galveston Fishing Reports page. I will no longer post fishing reports and pictures on this page, but if you want recent and a more variety of reports you can check out our my Blog, Facebook & Google+ pages. Our Facebook page consist of 20 Galveston Bay fishing guides that will be posting fishing reports & pictures from our trips throughout the Galveston Bay Complex. We will give up to date fishing reports on the speckled trout, redfish, flounder and other seasonal action. Hope you enjoy all the fishing reports, pictures & discussions and return soon. Thanks Capt. Alan.

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December 2nd, 2014

 Well it has been a long time since I have posted a report on my Galveston Fishing reports page. Most of my daily or weekly reports will be posted on our Google+ & Facebook page. More people follow social media pages than website reports. Times change & we have to change with them. I will still try to post at least 2-3 times a month on this page. I want to encourage anyone looking to purchase a different gift for that someone special to think about getting them a gift certificate for a future fishing trip or a seat at my 3rd annual Galveston Bays Fishing Seminar, it will be held on Saturday April 25th, 2015. You can check out all the details at or call me. As for fishing lately it has been excellent to good. We have had a couple of days that were a bit slow, due to windy conditions & lack of tidal movement. Fall fishing is typically action packed with smaller juvenile fish mixed in with keeper trout from 15-20 inches. Now Fall fishing in Galveston can be some of the best fishing all year especially when everything comes together weather wise. We have had some days where we have caught 50-75 trout & we have also had some 10-20 trout days. Every day is different, especially in the Fall. My brother & I have been using live shrimp under a popping cork for our best results. We have also used some Down South soft plastics for feeding birds. Dark colors like purple, red & plum with a glow tail have been most productive for us. We still have some opens for the next couple of weeks, so give us a call if you are interested in getting out. Here are some pictures from some of our recent trips. Until next time, see you on the water.

Multi Boat Outing

Texas Bass Brigades

Father & son outing

Jerry & Ashley

Limits of trout & 3 redfish

Richard & Adel

December 26th, 2013

 I can't believe another year is almost in the books. This year was really a very prosperous year for me and I want to thank everyone that booked a trip with me and my brother. I'm sure most of you that read my Galveston Bay fishing reports on a regular basis have noticed that I don't post reports as often as I use to. I have so much going on with my fishing business and my family and it is just a time issue for me. I really am going to try to at least post a report every 2 weeks starting in February. I want to let you know that we are already booking trips for next year. We sold a good number of gift certificates for next year, I have some regulars that have reserved some days and our corporate businesses have also reserved some days. It's never too early to reserve a date. A few people have already signed up for my 2nd annual "Galveston Bay Fishing Seminar" that will be held on Saturday April 12th, 2014. You can click on this link to find out all the details. My brother and I will be working the CastAway booth at the Houston Boat Show on Fri. Jan. 10th, 2014. I will be giving a fishing seminar on Fri. Jan. 3rd at 5pm, Sat. 4th at 3pm and Fri. Jan. 10th at 5pm. We will also have our annual booth at the Houston Fishing Show starting on March 5th - 9th. If you can make it out to any of these events, please come by and talk to us. We love talking fishing and we look forward to talking to our customers & people that love fishing. We will start our Spring Specials on Feb. 10th and they will run through the end of April. We will also be running trout trips too. Again I want to say thanks to all our supporters, sponsors and customers from 2013 and I am looking forward to an even better year in 2014. Hope you all had a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all. Until next time, see you on the water.

October 28th, 2013

  Well this is one of my favorite times of the year to fish. Fall fishing is really hard to beat when it comes to catching numbers of speckled trout and red fish. There are a lot of juvenile specks roaming around and feeding right now. I always tell my customers that "everyday is different". And this time of the year can be non stop action one day and slow the next day. You really have to move around and find the keeper trout. Bird action is always fun, but the key is to find keeper trout under the birds. With a couple more real cold fronts, the fishing should be really good. We are experiencing above normal tides right now and we really need some cooler weather and a strong north wind to move some of this water and bait out of the marshes and back lakes. Now we are still having some good to great days on the water and we are catching some real nice fish, but I guess I am spoiled when it comes to fall fishing. Good news is that when we do get some cold weather, the keeper trout are going to be really easy to catch! We have been using live shrimp under a cork and also some soft plastics on our resent trips. Most trips are producing near limits of trout and some nice slot red fish. Flounders have been showing up lately and even some big sand trout and puppy drum have been caught on resent trips. Trinity Bay and East Bay was really producing good numbers of trout along with some nice red fish, but this warmer weather has slowed both bays down a bit. We have been fishing lower Trinity Bay along with the Kemah Flats area with good success. When the winds and weather is right, you can't beat Trinity. Now when we have had some wind issues, we have had to fish protected areas. All and all fishing has been good and our customers usually have had some great days on the water. Catching fish and having fun is what fall fishing is all about. My brother and I have some week days open in November, so if you want to avoid those weekend crowds and catch lots of fish just give us a call. If you mention this fishing report and book a weekday (Mon.-Thurs.) for Nov. I will give you a discounted trip. Call me for all the details. Well until next time, see you on the water.

Jim & friends with their tournament fish

Trout, red fish, flounder & sheepshead!

Tom & Kelly

Simon & daughter Eleanor

Edwin & John

Family Outing

September 3rd, 2013 

 Summer time fishing is officially over and we are headed into fall fishing. Right now we are still catching specks on summer patterns. Although the live croaker bite has slowed a bit, the trout are still feeding on them. The bite is a lot more finicky right now, so patience is the key. We will start using some live shrimp under a cork on some upcoming trips and a move to another area is in our future. I don't like leaving an area where I'm catching fish to try to find fish in a new area. The trout will be changing their feeding pattern soon and we will have to adjust. We had some really good weather and some light winds recently and that has made for some hot days on the water. Make sure you wear light clothing and drink plenty of water on your trip. My brother and I will start offering our fall special in 2 weeks. Every year during the fall months we offer a little discount to encourage our regular customers to get out and take advantage of the great fall fishing action. Soon the weather will start to change and the shrimp & all the bait fish start to migrate out of all the back lakes & marshes. The trout will stage up in certain areas and the fishing will get absolutely crazy. Fall fishing can be some of the most active fishing throughout the entire year. Most people overlook this time of the year to go fishing, please don't be one of those people. Fall is most anglers favorite time to fish and for good reason. Check out our home page in 2 weeks to and take advantage of our fall special. Again I want to say thanks to all my customers. We have had some productive and fun trips on the water lately. Every year our business grows and we truly appreciate all our regular customers that fish with us. It doesn't matter if you fish with us 1 time or 10 times during the year, we really want to say thanks to all of you. Now that I won't be fishing every single day, I will try to post more reports. Until next time, see you on the water.

Chris & wife Connie

John, Roger & Allen

John, Julian, Avery & Dakota

James with 2 limits of trout

August 6th, 2013 

 Another month has flew by and the fishing has been good to excellent most days. We went through an unbelievable couple of weeks during the middle to the end of July. We had some really good weather and the winds were right for a good 8-10 days. We were on some quality trout and limits were not hard to come by. Lately we have been dealing with a southwest wind and it has slowed our fishing down a bit. It has the areas where we were catching our fish a little dirty and on some days when the wind has been blowing over 18 mph, it makes it a little too rough to fish. Now we have still managed some good outings, but early limits and easy days are not happening with lovely mature nature acting up. LOL! We are still using croaker and drifting over shell and humps. Locations that we are fishing are changing because of the winds. I haven't fished in East Bay for a month due to the winds and wind directions. The trout are in deep water right now and they seem to be feeding real early and then in the afternoon. (between 11:00am & 1:00pm) The forecast over the next 5 days is suppose to be real good with winds under 10 mph on the coast, so there should be some great trout caught. I want to say thanks again to all my customers. We have had some great times on the water and even though I can sound redundant at times, my customers have been great. Fishing with live croaker does take a little skill & patience and at times can be a little hard for people to get use to, but if you fish with them and use proper technique you can really catch a lot of specks. Here are some pictures from some of our recent trips and take a look at the 28 inch trout that Brian caught. Biggest trout we have caught all year. Until next time, see you on the water.

3 limits of trout

Brian's 28 inch trout

Nice kids trip

Yearly family outing-lots of speckled trout

July 10th, 2013  

  This is going to be a report that all fishing guides dream about. The fishing over the past 2 weeks has been excellent. The weather has been great and the fishing has even been better. All last week was outstanding even with the crazy weekend & holiday fishermen. We caught fish everywhere and good quality trout on every outing. Limits were not hard to come by and I was so glad to see my customer catch fish after fish. I think last week was probably one of the better weeks I have had in 5-7 years. Everything came together with the light winds, clean water, good tides and good customers. I received some awesome reports from guides that fished West Bay, Trinity Bay and the channel. We were fishing in East Bay and it didn't really matter where, the trout were everywhere. We are using live croaker dredging over shell and humps. Structure is the key, find good structure and you will find the fish. I don't see much changing over the next week or so, it should be just as good. Now the bite we are on right now won't last forever, but the rest of July should still be very productive. I want to say thanks to all my customers that got blessed with the great action we have encountered. Until next time, see you on the water.

4 limits of trout

John, Cole, Melissa & Kyle

Danny, Michael & Terry

Bruce & son Josh

June 20th, 2013

 Well I'm not sure how it is already mid June, but time has really been flying by. I apologize for not keeping up with my fishing reports. It is getting harder each year to keep up with everything I have going on. Anyway let's talk fishing! It has been slow, good and excellent. This year has been really unpredictable with the weather (winds). We have been having winds from every direction and from 0-20mph from day to day. If we could get any consistency with 3-5 days of some SE 5-10mph winds, we would absolutely catch limits of quality speckled trout. The trout this year are so healthy and are bigger than in years past. We have been dealing with a SW 10-20mph wind lately and that has dirtied the waters in East Bay where I have been boxing some nice fish. Plan B has been producing some nice trout, but the numbers have been a little less. This time of the year is excellent for fishing, but we still need mother nature to cooperate with us. As for bait, we have been fishing with live croaker over shell reefs and humps. East Bay and reefs around the channel have been the most productive for us. People fishing lower Galveston and West Bay along with Trinity Bay have been having similar results. Good weather equals good fishing. It really is that simple. We are having some good trips on the water and I have really been blessed with some great customers lately. I love seeing the kids catch fish and since the sharks have been so abundant this year, the kids are really enjoying catching them along with some nice trout. Fishing should even get better for us and soon I will be complaining about no wind LOL. I want to say thanks to ALL my customers lately and I can't wait to fish with you guys again. Until next time, see you on the water.

Paul, Wes, Trey & Keston

JR, Holly, Carrie & Jacob

Mark & son Jack

Gilbert, Tom & Joe - Seller Brothers Tournament

March 23rd, 2013

  Sorry about the delay between reports. I have been really busy with the Houston Boat Show in Jan., the Houston Fishing Show in March, ordering a new trailer, promoting my fishing seminar ( getting the inside of my boat gel coated and running trips. I do love fishing for a living, but there are so many other things that I have to do and taken care of besides fishing! Ok enough about all that. As for fishing, my brother and I have been running our Spring Break specials. These are jetty trips for the family and kids. Just going out to the jetties and catching some fish! We still are offering our trout and redfish trips, but Feb. - Mar. is traditionally the toughest months to consistently catch good numbers of specks. I'm not saying you can't have good good days catching trout and reds, I'm just saying it hard to stay on the trout consistently. We have so many fronts that come in and they are so close together during Spring. This causes issues with our bays and water conditions. Now if you can find some bait and good water, you should be able to catch some good numbers of trout. The problem is these days are not the norm and one day you will catch them and the next day you can't buy a bite. Once mid April comes around all this should change. The trout start showing up in schools and making their way into our bay system. This is a welcomed site for fishing guides and saltwater anglers. From mid April all the way into late Dec. the trout will be easy to catch. I want to thank all our customers over the past month. Some of our trips have been slow due to the winds, some have been really great and some in between. Spring Break was really good again this year for our customers. Besides one broken reel and one trip cancelled due to the high winds every trip was good to great! There's still nothing like seeing that smile on that kids face while fighting a fish. Great job by all the parents that takes their kids fishing. I will start posting reports on a regular basis from here on out, so check back soon. Until next time, see you on the water.

Shawn & daughter Kathy

Michael and his 2 grandsons

Capt. Steven & his son Joshua

Huge Drum

January 9th, 2013

  No fishing report this time, but just wanted to let you know that I will be at the Houston Boat Show through this Sun. the 12th. (Booth 627) I am sharing a booth with some of the guides from the Galveston Bay Fishing Team. Myself, Capt Zane & Capt. Mike are giving a seminar on Sat. the 11th at 4pm. The weather forecast is calling for rain on Sat. & Sun. so if you can't get on the water, why not check out some boats and visit with us. It is at the Reliant Center and it is very kid and family friendly. We haven't been on the water lately so I can't give a fishing report. I have been hearing of some nice trout being caught when we have had some good weather days by some of the guides. This time of the year can be tricky because of the weather, but it can also produce some nice catches when the weather is right. We will be on the water and I will give you a report at that time. Just a reminder about my fishing seminar that I'm providing in April. We are starting to advertise for it and we have picked up a few more sponsors. We have over 40 door prizes and the total value of our door prizes is over $2000.00 right now! Please check out the website at for all the details. I think the seats are going to start filling up quickly once we announce our seminar on the radio and get all the flyers out. Reserve your seat now, there is a limit on how many people we are going to accept. Well I'm looking forward to a great 2013 and hope you get to fish with us sometime during the year. Until next time, see you on the water.

December 19th, 2012

  Has another year really come and gone? Next week is Christmas, then New Years the following week. It just seems to fly by quicker and quicker every year. I'm looking forward to having another good year of fishing in 2013. My brother and I have been so blessed over these past couple of years with some excellent fishing. We have had some great customers and we really appreciate everyone that has fished with us this past year. There's nothing better in our business than to see that smile on a customers face after an exciting day on the water. Most of our trips over this past year have produced some nice boxes of fish and a lot of smiles! I also want to say thanks to all our sponsors, we appreciate all that they do for us throughout the year. Every sponsor we have has donated a door prize to the seminar I'm providing in April. We only have sponsors that we use their products or services and we have to believe in them. Customer service is very important to us and all our sponsors have really provide a great service to us over the years. We will still be running some trips in the next month or so, but it will be very limited. In January we will be getting some fiberglass and flooring work done on our boat and after that we are going to get a new trailer. By the way if your need any type of fiberglass repair or restoration done on your boat, give George a call, you can find all his information at Ok as for fishing, we have had a few good days and a couple of great days on the water over the past 10 days. The weather has really been a factor on us catching a lot of keeper trout or just a few. We are still using live shrimp under a cork fishing in about 3-6 feet of water for our best results. The wind and rain the past couple of days really had the water off color and the fish didn't bite. I had to move around a lot, but managed to catch some nice fish. Before the rain we had some awesome outings with near limits of trout being boxed. I want to say thanks to Mike for hanging in there and catching lots of under sized trout on a bad weather day. He was an excellent angler and caught over 25 specks with 8 of those being keepers. I also want to say thanks to Chris & Allen for fishing with me and they were lots of fun to fish with. Now Alvin, Patrick & Brent had a little competition on their trip and Brent took all the honors with biggest trout (23 and a half inch speck) and also most trout. I guess it was just his day, his trick was to stay on the phone and catch fish at the same time. LOL! I had a great time with them too. Well I want to wish all of you a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. Until next time, see you on the water.

Brent, Patrick & Alvin

Chris & Allen

December 10th, 2012

 I woke up this morning and it was cold! Winter isn't officially here, but I guess mother nature decided to give us a preview of what winter feels like. The next couple of days are going to be pretty chilly, with the lows in the mid to low 30's. I have some trips scheduled for mid week and over the weekend and I think it will be pretty good. The trout should be in the places where we have been fishing and the redfish have moved in on these areas too. The water has been pushed out from this last front, but it should be back to normal by Wednesday. I look for a great next 5-6 days. A lot of the bait camps don't have live shrimp anymore, so if you want it you better call around. You can also use soft plastics or even top waters this time of the year and catch plenty of fish. I like to use Gulps rigged under a popping cork, fishing it just like a live shrimp when I can't find live shrimp. The past couple of weeks have been good to great. We did have a little slow down period last week, but fishing over the past 2 weeks has still been great. On most outings we are still catching lots of small trout mixed with a good number of keepers and some nice redfish. I look for those smaller juvenile trout to move out into deeper water and start their migration. That means the bigger speckled trout should be more abundant. We are still fishing around the Kemah area, but depending on how these next couple of fishing trips go will depend if we start moving up north. I know the fish are there and it is about that time to make a move. I just hate to leave an area where the fish are biting to go to another area where fish are biting. I want to say thanks to Vincent and his family who fished with my brother Steven on a really windy day and they managed to box a nice variety of fish. Also Dustin and his friends Scott & Jordan had a great time catching over 50 trout, even though most of them were throw backs, we still had a great time catching some very nice redfish and even a 25lb. drum. I want to remind you that we offer gift certificates for Christmas. You can purchase one for a fishing trip or the seminar I'm giving in April. You can call me for all the details. I will post another report next week and let you know how the fishing turned out for these next trips. Until next time, see you on the water.

Vincent & Family

My brother & me with 2 limits of trout

Nice Redfish

Scott, Jordan & Dustin

November 24th, 2012

 Before I give this fishing report I have an announcement to make. On Saturday April 20th, 2013 myself and Capt. Mike Caccoitti will be giving a 5-6 hour fishing and boating seminar at Latitudes Restaurant in San Leon Tx. You can go to for all the details. This would be a great Christmas gift for that fisherman in the family! Now the fishing all over the entire Galveston Bay Complex is still excellent. This fall is producing lots of fish! We are catching plenty of speckled trout along with some nice redfish and even a few sheephead. On each trip we are catching lots of specks, but of course every day is different. Some days we might catch 50% keepers and some days only 25% of the trout are keepers. This is typical for this time of the year. Now as the weather gets a littler colder, the bigger trout should be more abundant. If you like action and like taking home some good fillets then you should be fishing this time of the year. We will continue to book trips on a regular basis until December 15th. In January and February we still book a few trips, but my brother and I have sponsor events, the boating show, fishing show and boat & trailer repairs to do. We get ready for the season and these things have to be done. Like I said we can still get you out there, but our schedule is a little limited. So if you want to get out one last time this year, just give us a call and take advantage of the great fishing and the special we are running. We are still using live shrimp under a cork fishing the Kemah and Trinity Bay area. Moving around and changing our drifts is still producing better fish for us. The birds are working from day to day, but there are a lot of smaller fish under most of these birds. I want to again say thanks to all our customers who have fished with us over the past 2 weeks. I would like to thank Rick and his wife Dalynda who fished with me and these 2 were so much fun. They came down from Oklahoma and I think they will be back. I would also like to thank Paul, Paul Sr. Dan and Adam, they also had a great day on the water with me. And Nick and his family probably caught over 80 fish on Friday, they decided to keep only 10 trout and 1 redfish to take home. For those of you that are interested, I have started a Google+ Page. Most of the information on this page is the same reports I give on that page, but there is some different information on there. Also some of the guides that are apart of my fishing team have their own pages and are joining my circles to give their reports and leave comments. If you want to check it out click on the Google+ logo below. Well until next time, see you on the water.


Paul Sr., Paul, Adam & Dan

Rick & Dalynda

November 3rd, 2012

 This Galveston Bay fishing report is going to be one of those reports that everyone loves to read and I love to write. The fishing over the past 10 days has been outstanding! We have only had one slow day over the past 2 weeks. Most every trip has produced limits and near limits of speckled trout and on most days we are catching some nice redfish to add to the box. We have been using live shrimp under a cork on most of our trips, although we have used some soft plastics to catch some schooling trout under some birds. It was real good for us last week and early this week for keeper trout. This time of the year can produce lots of borderline keeper juvenile specks. Some days we have caught over 50 trout with most of those being in the 14-18 inch range. We have been releasing a lot of 14-15 inch trout on every trip. The action has been great and the weather has been even better. The key to having a good box at the end of the day is to find the schools of fish that are holding keeper trout. Moving around and changing our drifts have produced better fish for us. As for locations, you can't go wrong in Trinity Bay this time of the year. Yes I know it can get crazy, especially fishing the birds, but the fish are there. Try to get away from all the other boats and try to go during the week. Take a day off from work and take advantage of the great fishing that we have this time of the year. There are plenty of other places you can catch trout besides Trinity Bay - East Bay, the Kemah Flats and up north is holding some good fish too. Just get out there and have some fun catching fish. I would like to say thanks to my crew including Bruce who won 1st place with the biggest legal redfish in the OEC tournament. All 3 guys were great and we managed to have a fun time and a great day catching a lot of fish even though the fish weren't cooperating all morning. I would also like to say thanks to Mariko, Jake and Adam. They fished 2 days with me and man did they catch a lot of fish. They were lots of fun and they made it easy for me, because they really knew how to fish. Victor and his wife Kim released twice as many as the kept on their outing and I managed to put Victor on his limit of trout, a couple of reds and one 5lb. flounder. I want to say thanks to all of my customers, my brother and I appreciate all of you! Good fishing with good people is what this business is all about. Well until next time, see you on the water.

27 trout & 3 redfish

Adam, Jake, Mariko 2nd day

Bruce's 1st place redfish

Kim & Victor

October 11th, 2012

 Well it is already October and this is my first report since August. What happened to September? Ok I am going to have to be a little more consistent with my fishing reports. Especially since the fishing has been really good on most of our outings. Let's talk about what's been going on. It is that time of the year where the trout are in transition. Once we get a few cold fronts every year during fall, the trout like to school up and chase all the bait that comes out of the bayous, lakes and marshes. Sometimes this produces easy limits and sometimes it produces lots of undersized fish and throw backs. The key to fishing this time of year is to find bait and slicks and fish them. Birds can be tricky. First most people don't really know how to fish them and ruin it for those who do. Second there are a lot of small fish and a wide variety of fish usually under the birds. So sometimes it pays off to get away from that type of fishing and concentrate on better fish on shorelines or over shell. Regardless of your choice just be courteous and boat friendly and everyone will catch plenty of fish. As for locations... well let's just say when it is right (weather) you can go just about anywhere and catch good fish. East Bay is still good to excellent on trout on mid bay reefs, West Bay is the same and everyone knows that Trinity Bay shines this time of the year! We have been fishing between East and Trinity for about 2 weeks now. We are using live shrimp under a cork for the best results. Artificials will be in our arsenal real soon. We are catching some nice trout and reds on most trips. Now remember we do call this fishing and some days for no apparent reason the fish just don't feed. One day you fish an area and you catch them with ease, then the next day you can't seem to buy a bite. For the most part though we are having some very good days on the water. The flounder run is near and we should have a great season for them. Just remember the limits! We do have some openings this month and next so give us a call if you want to get in on the action. Too many people overlook this time of the year for fishing. I want to thanks all our customer for fishing with us over the past weeks and a special thanks to Jeremy and his people from Nucor and Teejas Tubular, we had a great day on the water. Sorry about that clown in the picture, I will make sure I don't include it in any future pictures. Well until next time, see you on the water.

Teejas Tubular & Nucor Outing

Olivia & Family

Nice Specks & Reds

Lots of Trout

August 25th, 2012

 First I want to apologize for such a long time in between reports. Summer is so busy for us and we are on the water almost everyday, unless mother nature keeps us off. The last couple of days the weather has done just that. Thursday we were on some nice trout until around 10:00 and a huge thunder storm made us head for the dock. My party (Greg and Rebecca) decided to call it a day and went home with a nice bag of fillets. Fri. and Sat. trips decided to reschedule. Starting on Sun. it looks like the weather is going to get good again. My brother and I really try to make good decisions when it comes to cancelling or rescheduling a trip. The weather can change from day to day dramatically! All we can do is check it out and go by what the forecast predicts. Some days the weather men and weather sites are so off. We are at their mercy though. Ok enough about that, as for fishing the past month has been good overall. We have had some good, excellent and a few slow days this August. Typical summer time fishing. We have used live croaker all month, dredging over shell from the channel, wells and in East Bay. We are getting close to moving up north a little and giving Trinity Bay a try. When we make this move we will switch to using live shrimp under a cork or some soft plastics. Soon the trout should start schooling up more and begin to chase some of the shrimp that will start to migrate out of the cuts, bayous and back lakes. Sometimes we fish the birds and sometimes we get away from all that and catch fish alone on some shorelines. Anglers can get crazy out there fishing those flocks of birds! I have posted a few extra pics. this report, since it has been so long since my last report. I promise I will try to post more often. I want to say thanks to all my customer this past month and a special thanks to Shanahan and his crew from Custom Controls Company. We had a great time on the water with them and hopefully next year we will catch even more fish. It took my party awhile to catch on to the croaker bite, but we still had a great time on the water. We finally have some openings, so if you want to get in on some of this good fishing that September usually brings just give us a call. Until next time, see you on the water.

Custom Controls Company

Speckled Trout

John and his Grandsons

Speckled Trout& a Redfish

Kurt and son Austin

Speckled Trout

June 30th, 2012

 June is almost over, but that traditional great summer time fishing has just started. Our last couple of trips have produced some real nice catches. We have had a couple of slower days mixed in due to the weather. I always tell my customers "If we get good weather, you will have a great day catching some fish." The one thing we can't control as guides is good old mother nature. These past couple of weeks have been really good for us. The weather has been great for most of our outings and the trout and reds have been feeding. I see it staying more consistent for the next month or so. We have been fishing mainly in East Bay, the channel area and sometimes around the wells. Just remember to be very careful if you fish the wells! It changes out there all the time and travel slow between wells. Trinity Bay and West Bay are producing too. This time of the year is probably the easiest time to catch consistent good trout. Dredging croaker is still working for us. the bite has been really good early, but lately it has been still decent up until we head in. Some days we have left them biting! I want to say thanks to Scott and his friends for fishing with me, (even though we lost a rod & reel) we had a great time and a great box of fish. I would also like to thank John and his crew from Daltile for fishing with us again this year. Can't wait to see all of you next year. Until next time, see you on the water.

Scott & Friends

Daltile Crew

June 19th, 2012

 This June has been a little windy for us. We are catching plenty of trout on good weather days. When the wind picks up between 15 and 20 mph we are still managing to have some decent catches. Finding trout over shell reefs has been most productive for us. We have been having to move around a little more than we like to, because of the winds. The water is in good overall shape. We have been catching a lot more male trout lately and we are also catching a few too many sand & gulf trout on some of our trips. Of course the gafftopps are in abundance and they are big and slimy. The speckled trout this year are really healthy. We are still catching a lot of 20-26 inch trout. Some big schools of redfish have been in our bays and plenty of the guides are putting their customers on them. It can get very interesting with 8-10 guides fishing 1 school of reds! As for locations, we have been moving around a lot due to the changing winds. Try to find some clean water with some bait or slicks and dredge it with some croaker or throw some soft plastics and you should do well. I want to say thanks to Alison, Brittany and Meli for another great day on the water. See you next year. Until next time, see you on the water.

Meli, Alison & Brittany

Josie, Oscar & Adrian

June 3rd, 2012

 It is that time of the year when the fishing gets real good. The wind has been up to it's old tricks again, making fishing a little inconsistent. Now we are catching some fish, but the wind has been north for one week, then south for 3 days, then west for 1 day, then southeast for 2 days and so on. Those variety of directions can make it though to stay on fish. Instead of catching limits, we are catching near limits on most outings. Some days have been excellent and other days have been though when the wind blows 20 mph or more. We have finally switched to strictly using croaker for our bait. The trout this year have been feeding real good on shrimp, but our last couple of trips have produced real good using croaker. Finding trout over shell reefs has been the secret for us. We have been having to move around a little more than we like to, but once you find them it gets good. The speckled trout this year are really healthy. I have seen a lot of 20-26 inch trout being brought to the cleaning tables. I expect the fishing from here on out to be excellent, with plenty of quality trout being caught. Once East Bay settles down and cleans completely up, it will be the place to fish. You will have to dodge the boat traffic, but it should be worth it. Fishing any of the mid bay reefs should produce good limits of trout. Fish are being caught in West Bay and lower Galveston, but I haven't heard the numbers being so great. All of our bays should turn on and plenty of trout should be able to be caught everywhere. So get out there and join in on all the catching. Until next time, see you on the water.

Speckled Trout

Chad & Rachael

May 2nd, 2012

 May is here and so are the high winds. We had a really good start to spring catching a lot of fish and the bonus was we had some great weather. Over the past week starting on Wednesday the winds picked up and the fishing suffered. I don't think I have to explain what 25-30mph winds with gust over 30 will do to your fishing. Fishermen and locals understand that the higher winds make it real hard to catch fish especially speckled trout. We get a lot of out of town people that book trips and still want to go fishing even with the high winds. That's where it is our responsibility as professional guides to tell them what to expect. I see so many guides just going out in any kind of weather knowing that their chances of having a pleasant trip is very slim. Sometimes you can get on a protected shoreline and have a decent day, but I would rather not take people out in winds 30mph or more. Fishing is changes in our bays right now. Before the high winds last week, we were starting to catch some nice trout. East Bay is really turning on, West Bay has been real steady, the shoreline along the TX. City area has been hot and cold and the Causeway has been ok to good at times. I know this is a lot of areas to mention, but we sometimes have to move around to stay on these fish. I plan on trying some croaker fishing on my next couple of trout trips. We having been using mainly live shrimp and some lures on all our trips, but it might be time to soak a croaker on some shell. I will let you know how it goes. Until next time, see you on the water.

Brandon's 1st Redfish

17 Specks

April 19th, 2012

 April fishing for us has been really good. We are still running our jetty trips with much success. I have started to target some speckled trout and it has been fair to good. The trout seem to be feeding once in the morning and then right before night arrives. If you can find some trout feeding, it is easy pickings. You have to be at the right spot at the right time. I think that is all about to change though. The specks should start to school up and feed more often and more consistently during the entire day soon. I have a good number of trout trips scheduled for the next 2 weeks, so I will keep you informed. Live shrimp fished under a cork will be our choice of method for the next 2 weeks. We will start to try some croaker around the beginning of May. East bay and the channel will be targeted by us then. As for our jetty adventures, well it has still been on fire out there. I have been seeing a few more specks on recent trips and they have been nice sized. (21-25 inches)We have had some great customers and some great catches on our past trips. Capt. Mike and I had a great time with Trevor and his family last Thursday (pic. below). I also had a great time with my other clients. My brother and I really do appreciate all of our customers business. We have grown a lot of these past 12 years and we both still love to go fishing! I will post another report in about a week, so check back soon. Until next time, see you on the water.

Trevor & Family

Sam & father Sam

March 31st, 2012

 The end of March is here and we have had a great time catching a lot of fish for the past 3 weeks. Again we have spent most of our time out at the jetties catching a variety of fish on live shrimp. Over the past 3 weeks we have caught redfish, sheepshead, black drum, speckled trout, sand trout, whiting, gafftopps and some mackerel. Some days some fish are feeding more than others. The action is great and the weather has been great. It is good to see so many people getting out on the water. Last Sat. & Sun. there were close to or over 100 boats launching at the end of the TX City Dike. That's the most I have ever seen! When the weather is good like it has been, people get that itch and go fishing. The only bad thing about this is the fishing spots get crowded and the fish don't feed as well with all that boat traffic. Our speckled trout bite has really been inconsistent. It shouldn't be a surprise to true fishermen because this happens every Spring. March and April are traditionally though months to stay on a consistent good trout bite. Their feeding patterns are hard to figure out. My experience is that 1 or 2 days in a row you catch them real good then the next 1 or 2 days you don't. All the reports I have got lately is exactly that. Guides are going out and catching 10-20 trout one day and going right back out to that same spot and struggling to catch 5 fish the next day. Well that is called Spring time fishing! My brother and I have some trout trips this week and next week so I will keep you informed. I really believe this year is going to be a great year for catching trout and reds, so if you want to get in on the action give us a call. Until next time, see you on the water.

Kyles 27 in. redfish

2 Limits of Speckled Trout

March 18th, 2012

 Spring Break for our surrounding areas is over. This week I ran double trips each day. This is the second year in a row that we were able to get every fishing trip in. All my trips were a success, some days were better than others. The bottom line is all my customers were satisfied. Wednesday was the only day that was a little slow and Friday was the best. I want to say thanks to all my customers that I had this week, I really enjoyed each and everyone of the trips this past week. All my customers had a great time on the water and that's why I run these spring break special trips. We caught some nice sheepshead, sand trout, puppy drum, over sized drum, a couple of speckled trout and a few redfish through out the week. My brother and I will still be offering these 4-5 hr. special trips until the end of April. As for our speckled trout and redfish trips we will start running those on a regular basis starting in April. Right now the speckled trout bite seems to be really slow. Every guide that I have talked to is struggling with catching trout. The past 2 weeks have been bad to only fair for trout. Our bays are holding good water and the weather has been great, not sure what's going on with the specks. My brother and I will start targeting them over the next couple of weeks, so I will keep you informed. Until next time, see you on the water.

Spring Break Trip

Sheepsheed and 4 lb. Trout

February 3rd, 2012

 February is here and I'm really looking forward to Spring fishing. Spring is always real busy for us. We offer a spring time fishing trip special for $375.00 for 1-3 anglers. We usually head out to the jetties or some shell reefs and catch a variety of fish. These trips can be non stop action some days and is great for families, kids or anyone that wants to catch fish! We will also be fishing for speckled trout & redfish for those of you that want a bay trip. You can call me or my brother for all the details. We had a great time at the boat show this year. Thanks to all of you that stopped by our booth to talk fishing. It was a really good show this year and it was pretty busy. I also got my 2012 Suzuki DF250 four stroke motor put on my boat last Friday. Man I can really tell the difference in power and performance. I'm looking forward to not having my boat in the repair shops this year. (LOL) As for fishing around the Galveston Bays, it is still hot and cold. We can't seem to get a consistent trout bite on a daily basis. One day is good fishing, then the next day we can't buy a bite. I think all the rain lately is going to change things a lot. It should push most of those trout that are up river (due to the lack of rain in 2011) down river and into our northern parts of our bay system It should get real good soon. Check back in a week or two and I will let you know if I'm right. We are running a special til the end of Feb. $350.00 for 1-3 people. If you want to get out for a great price call us. Jennifer Reyna from channel 2 news was at the boat show and she was nice enough to take a picture with me. I told her I would put it on my website. Until next time, see you on the water.

Speckled Trout

Jennifer Reyna

January 4th,2012

 It's hard to believe that it is already 2012. My brother and I want to thank everyone that booked a trip with us in 2011. We hard some great trips and caught a lot of fish. I keep hearing that the fish population in the Galveston Bays are down, yet year after year we keep catching more and more trout and reds. I'm looking forward towards another great and productive year in 2012. I haven't posted a fishing report lately because I had lower unit issues. It took longer than expected to get it replaced. I did get a few trips in before the new year with mixed results. The morning bite was real slow for us. The afternoon bite was much better, the trout seemed to be feeding when the water warmed up. I have been fishing up north, although West Bay has produced some good trout and reds. Using soft plastics and live shrimp under a cork has worked best. I will be sharing a booth with some other guides at Reliant starting on Friday and ending on next Sunday the 14th. If you get a chance come by and visit with us. I do have some openings for the next couple of weeks and we are running a winter time fishing special so give us a call if you want to get out and catch some fish! Until next time see you on the water.

Nice Speckled Trout

Family Trip

October 18th,2011

 Fall is here and the weather is cooling down, but the fishing is heating up! I get asked all the time when is the best time to book a trip. Well I like to fish all year round and every season, but it is hard to find a better combination of comfortable weather and great fishing than fall has to offer. This time of the year is absolutely exciting for fishermen. The speckled trout start schooling up and feed all over the bay system. We all know about fishing under the birds which are feeding over schools of fish, but there are also some nice trout being caught on the shorelines. Live shrimp under a cork is always productive, but using topwaters this time of the year can produce those bigger trout and red fish. Soft plastics are my choice of bait while fishing the birds. As for an actual Galveston Bay fishing report - I am getting great reports for all of the bays! The south shoreline of East Bay is producing nice trout and basically all of Trinity Bay is producing trout and reds. Concentrate on slicks and bird action and you will catch fish. I say this over and over, but it is the main key for success in my business. When the wind is not blowing over 15 mph we are catching good fish. Everyday over the past 2 weeks when we have had 5-10 mph winds, my customers have boxed some nice trout and reds. We unfortunately had a few days of 20-25 mph east wind and it was really though fishing. Overall my brother and I have had a great start to Fall fishing. We do have some days left throughout November and we will be offering a winter time special during December and January. Too many people overlook the great fishing during the winter months. If you have any interest in getting in on some great fishing give us a call. Until next time, see you on the water.

Hunter, John & Mike

Jim & his 3 girls

September 19th,2011

 September is here and the fish are traditionally in a transition stage. The changes in the weather and the back side of the full moon has made the past week really slow. I did get out and managed to salvage a few good days of fishing, but the speckled trout have not been as abundant as two weeks ago. Jennifer and her father John caught a nice box of fish on Friday. (pic. below) The wind was blowing out of the east at 20-25 mph! And we were on some great fish before the wind started blowing crazy. Now that we are past the full moon, the fishing should pick up. Fall fishing can be really fun and action packed. The birds start feeding over schools of fish that are feeding on the migrating shrimp and usually it is easy pickings. Now sometimes you may get on a school of undersized specks, sometimes it's a school of reds or it could be a school of all good sized legal speckled trout. That's the fun part, each school is different. The bigger trout can also be on the shorelines and if you know where to find them it can make for a great day on the water. My brother and I will most likely be fishing the north part of the Galveston Bay Complex for the next 2 months using live shrimp under a cork, but we will mainly be throwing artificial baits during Sept. & Oct. The weather can also be a plus with calmer winds between cold fronts and cooler temperatures. So if you want to get in on this action give us a call. Until next time, see you on the water.

Jennifer & John

Family Outing

August 15th, 2011

 Fishing is still great to excellent in our bay system right now. In my last report I mentioned that we have had great weather and I guess I shouldn't have. Last week we had a 20-30 mph southwest wind for 4 days! Needless to say fishing suffered. I went out on Sun. and had a great day, but Mon. - Thurs. was pretty though. No good reports, not even from the protected shorelines. I'm sure someone caught fish somewhere, but every guide I talked to either struggled or cancelled their trips. Starting on Fri. things started to change and the fishing picked up again as the water cleared up and the winds died down. We have had some awesome outings with some great people over the past 2 weeks. I want to say thanks to Charlie and his crew from Daltile and also Scott and his people with Automated Logic for their time spent with Me, Capt. Matt and Capt. Zane. We had a great time with them and their friendly competition. I can't wait to see them next year, everyone was fun and had a great time. Ok as for fishing it is still the same. The pattern hasn't changed for me, in fact the places where I have been fishing has improved. The water and winds have been perfect and limits of trout are being caught. I'm still using croaker over deep shell (8-12 feet) and drifting or dredging is the key. The fish are there, you just need to drift to find them. Too many anglers anchor up and only catch a few, it's much better to use a drift sock and catch 4-5 trout each drift. After 5 drifts you will have a good box of fish. Also I still can't believe how many boaters don't have or understand boat etiquette. You should NEVER start your engine and get up on plane in the middle of a reef with other people fishing, please try not to anchor in the middle of a reef where there are 4-5 boats drifting, when drifting head to the outside of the reef before you get up on plane and most of all don't motor too close to another boat just because they are catching fish. You will not only ruin their fishing, you won't catch fish either. All of our motors are loud under water even 4 strokes so just use common sense and common courtesy. I don't think I own any part of the water, but it is frustrating to see and experience all the unnecessary actions out on the water. We should all be able to get along out there, have fun and all catch fish! Well until next time, see you on the water.

Daltile Tournament

Automated  Logic Tournament

August 4th, 2011

 I don't want to sound redundant, but I have another great Galveston Bay fishing report for you. We had a very windy Spring, but July and August have been almost perfect with light winds. Now we could use some rain and we have had a southwest wind for about 3 weeks, but overall the weather has been great. As a fishing guide all I can ask for is decent weather and some good tidal movement and I can put my customers on some nice fish. Well as for the fishing it has been great. Near limits and some limits on each outing is what we are experiencing. If we could get some southeast winds I think we would be catching more limits instead of near limits. The southwest wind is keeping the water just a little too off colored. We have been having to move around from reef to reef to catch our fish. One day they are on a reef the next day they are on a different one. Bottom line is we are still having some great days on the water. Dredging with croaker is still producing for us. Keying on some slicks from reef to reef has been productive. I haven't received any great reports from other areas so either people are being quiet or fishing has slowed in West Bay and Trinity Bay. I really want to thank all my customers this summer for their business, fishing with live croaker can really get frustrating at times. I try to teach and help all my customers catch more fish and at times I imagine they get tired of hearing me say "let it take it" or "don't reel", but you have to be patient when it comes to catching speckled trout with live croaker. At the end of the trip when I put all the fish on the deck to take a picture and I see the smile on my customers faces, it is all worth it! Fishing should be fun and a good experience and my brother and I try to make every trip memorable. So when you fish with myself or my brother be prepared to receive some teachings and have a lot of fun. Well until next time, see you on the water.

Limits of trout

Doug, Tim & Jeff

July 28th, 2011

 Fishing is still excellent! The Galveston Bay Complex is holding good schools of speckled trout and other species. Fish are being caught all over the bays. West Bay, East Bay, Trinity Bay and the Jetties have produced good to excellent catches of trout and redfish. We are still using live croaker over shell for our best results. The water temperature is holding in the high 80's and that makes the fish feed in deeper water. Most outings are producing numbers and quality. Dianne from Austin caught a 27 in. 7.4 pound trout on the 20th. Her and her son had a great trip. I also fished with Dr. Gould for the 3rd year in a row and we finally had a good weather day. Look at the picture below and see what good weather can do for fishing. The weather still looks good for the up coming week, so fishing should stay on fire. I do have some opening in August, so if you want to get out before school starts or summer ends just give me or my brother a call. Well until next time, see you on the water.

Dr. Gould & his friends

Good Day on the water

July 15th, 2011

 Another great Galveston Bay fishing report! The weather has been great and the fishing has been even better. Capt. Mike and I had a 2 party boat trip for the Allen family on Monday and they had an awesome day on the water. It was their family reunion and 8 of them came from Freeport to fish with us on Mon. Between the 2 boats we boxed around 55 speckled trout, 20 gulf trout, a few gafftopps and a 30in. shark. I'm guessing all those fillets were welcomed at the family reunion Mon. afternoon. My brother and I also had some great trips over the past 2 weeks. It has been really excellent fishing over the past month. Limits or near limits have been the norm. The size of the trout are also a bonus! Leaving early (5:30-5:45 am) and coming back in before noon has been a regular occurrence. Most of the trips have left the bait well empty. Using all 80-120 croaker on an outing equals lots of fish and lots of action! It is great when we get good weather and are able to put our customers on good fish. We are still using live croaker, but we have moved around more often lately. Mid bay reefs in East Bay have been productive for us. West Bay around Mecums Cut, Confederate Reef and Carancahua Reef along with the east shoreline in Trinity bay have also been hot spots. I also got the pleasure to fish with one of my High school buddies Chris, his brother-in-law & his father on Sunday. We had a great trip and there was some friendly competition. They all caught some nice fish, but Roy did catch the biggest trout (24 in. trout) Way to go guys and can't wait to fish with you next year. Well until next time, see you on the water.

Allen Family 75 Fish

Chris, Chris & Roy

Gone Fishng

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